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For those who live in the greater Portland Metro Area and the surrounding communities, Garage Door Portland OR is pleased to offer a wide range of residential garage door services at affordable pricing. When you choose Garage Door Portland OR, you are choosing the best garage door service provider in Portland. We provide 24 Hour garage door service delivered by highly skilled garage door technicians. This allows our customers to take full advantage when they need Emergency Garage Door service or Same Day Service with fixed appointment times.
Garage Door Portland OR specializes in residential garage door services, and we offer service options that are backed by the best name brand parts, hardware, accessories and products. Our customers can call us when they need garage door repair, new garage door installation, garage door replacement, restoration, garage door upgrades or garage door opener service and the end result will be a garage door that operates at peak performance.

Portland is a beautiful city with neighborhoods that range from the stunning beauty of the Historic Sellwood District and tree lined streets of Westmoreland with their detached garages tucked neatly behind the craftsman style homes to the more modern communities of Hillsboro and Northwest Portland where the homes of Rock Creek and Oak Hills have attached garages. No matter which area you live in, or if your garage is attached or sits away from your home, Garage Door Portland OR can assist you with any garage door problem or concern you may have.

Since the layout of Portland and the surrounding area is so simple, it allows our response teams to be to your home within minutes for most neighborhoods. After all, Beaverton is only 15 minutes away, and West Linn is 30 minutes from our location. Garage Door Portland OR response vehicles are fully stocked each day with the tools, equipment and products our technicians need to complete your garage door service in one trip.

Garage Door Portland OR experts are trained to work on all types of garage doors and openers. They have years of field experience that has given them the vast range of knowledge needed to assess and fix any issue. We have taken years to build a quality reputation among the communities we serve, and each day we adhere to the basic concepts that have served us so well:
  • To Be the Best-We Must Always Do Our Best
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction
  • Quality Products Make a Quality Company
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Arrive On Time-Every Time
  • Honesty-Integrity-Respect for All

These concepts may sound simple, but here at Garage Door Portland OR, they are the words we stand behind every day, and our customers have shown their trust in us by referring friends and family over the years for the high quality service options we provide.

With a little attention to detail, most residential garage door owners can pre-empt most major garage door problems before they become a danger to adults, children or property. When your garage door suddenly begins to make strange sounds, banging, pinging or grinding, or begins to act in a sluggish manner, call the professionals at Garage Door Portland OR. We can schedule an On-Site Inspection that will allow our technicians to assess and diagnose the problem.

Sometimes an adjustment performed in time-can prevent a garage door from jumping the tracks. Aligning, cleaning and lubing can keep a garage door and opener in proper working order, and is a part of our customized Preventive Maintenance Plans, and over the years our customers have found this service saves them a great deal of money, time and stress associated with sudden catastrophic garage door failures.

When your garage door will not open or close, drops off the tracks, or suddenly acts as if it is controlled by another’s remote, then call Garage Door Portland OR and let our professionals fix your garage door or opener.

Garage Door Portland OR service options include:
  • Expert Installations and Repairs
  • Professional Preventive Maintenance Services
  • Garage Door Opener Installations, Service and Repair
  • Service for Custom Garage Doors, Carriage House Doors, Contemporary Garage Doors
  • Broken Torsion Spring Repair
  • Broken Extension Spring Repair
  • Track & Roller Service
  • Off Track Garage Doors
  • And More
From the simple installation of decorative hardware or a new lockset to the complete renovation of classic Carriage House doors, Garage Door Portland OR offers specialized garage door service options for the complete care and maintenance of any size, type or model garage door or opener.

Garage Door Portland OR is always here to answer the phone, or respond to an online request for service appointments. Just give us a call, and we can help with any garage door or opener problem. Take a few a minutes and look over our website, if you do not see a solution for your garage door problem here, just give us a call and ask any question and our trained technicians will assist you.